Monday, 25 May 2009

Stop The BNP Demonstration

We headed to Queen's Square on Friday evening to lend support to the anti BNP protest which took place in order to try to prevent the BNP from holding a meeting there. The British National Party for those of you who don't know campaign for, amongst other things, an all white Britain. They are a racist organisation and sadly because of the recent scandals involving our members of parliament fraudulently claiming money against expenses, are now seemingly getting a chance of more votes as the people of Britain turn against the mainstream parties. The BNP stand for hate and their roots are based in neo-Nazisim. However as we live in a supposed democracy, the police were out in force to make sure that no violence took place towards the BNP members.


  1. Yes, politics is in a sorry state.

  2. I'm with you. Thanks for standing up for what's right. We've got an increasing number of neo-Nazi skinheads here, too. Not a good sign!

  3. Extremism is spreading over everywhere ...but it's still a minority , we have to keep our eyes wide open ! i like the second shot .