Thursday, 21 May 2009

St Martin's Church

More shots of the lovely St Martin's church. I just made a lightning visit to the place but plan to get back there very soon for a longer look round. The place is cared for by the Parish Council and although these photos show it looking quite abandoned, there are services here and the church itself has been repaired. There seems to be serious subsidence issues though which is why the gravestones are all moving down the hill!


  1. You have done a good job photographing this beautiful church and area! A delight to look at.

    I just thought of something funny, though, regarding the sliding gravestones.

    "Mommy, Mommy, Grandpa's slipping down the hill!"

    Okay, it's not that funny!


  2. You remind me just how beautiful the UK can be.

  3. Jacob... loving your warped sense of humour!!

  4. Just catching up Tom and Emma. Lovely photos as usual; worthy of becoming oil paintings. Happy Birthday Emma, a lovely tribute from Tom!


  5. Love this view better. it's incredible there is still service in this ancient church.