Saturday, 14 March 2009

Fading Georgian Grandeur

This wonderful Georgian house is in Abbey Green in Bath. It is one of the few houses which has not been cleaned and I love the different colours on the stone. Some buildings in Bath have been rather over-restored and as a result lose some of their original patina, this one is just as it should be. It overlooks a tiny green out of which grows an enormous plane tree, the streets surrounding it are cobbled and it is a stone's throw from the Roman Baths, probably concealing a great deal of Roman archaeology underneath. We often hear in the local news of Roman finds whenever the council digs up the roads or as is happening now, developing a large area for a new shopping centre. Mosaic floors were discovered along with Medieval archaeology. It is hard not to love a city as ancient as ours.


  1. Yes, I will definitely have to visit Bath. I truly love old buildings like this. I think they are physically attractive and I like to explore their innards.

    I also love Roman ruins...saw a bunch in Morocco many years ago!

  2. Just a gorgeous old building with such nice color and I LOVE yesterday's blue door. I have a door thing that I fueled in Paris. Welcome to the wacky world of CDP!!!

  3. First thing I loved about Elton House was the patina of the stone. Then the lantern caught my eye along with the iron work and street name carved into the stone: Abbey Street . . . yes what a gem.

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  5. such history in your City. Good photo of an historical wonder. I am glad you enjoyed the photo of golf, cactus and the desert. And, yes, the clouds look to fluffy in my photo to be real. I could not believe the clouds that were out that day so i made a day of photo shooting as the clouds make the photos so much more interesting.

  6. Ooh, what I would give to be
    in a place where buildings
    looked so antiqued and worn
    as this one here!