Sunday, 8 March 2009

The Canal at Bathwick Hill

This polaroid was taken during the recent snow and shows a view through the bridge at Bathwick Hill of the canal and towpath. When the snow came it presented us with endless wonderful photo opportunities, Bath is fantastically beautiful at the best of times but the city was made to be snowed on!


  1. I do miss canals. None here. Agreed Bath is one of the prettiest plaves in the UK. The way you ahve photographed this is so dreamlike it's enchanting.

  2. Polaroid photos are so heart warming! I used to have a P. camera when I was 10, I loved it. You might like this:
    I love that site.
    Great to have found your blog, thank you for leaving a message on my Verona DP!

  3. Looks like a storybook. But then, all of Bath looks like a storybook to me.